Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clock Makeover

I found a little wall clock at a thrift store that was just asking for a makeover, how could I resist! It was a lot of fun, and I am looking for more now! I forgot the before photo, but it wasn't pretty, but I do have the afters.

I distressed my paper and ironed it out a little and used distress inks. I inked text with Perfect Pearls gold to make it shimmer in the right light.

The frame was painted and aged slightly.

At 12 and 6 I used 2 watchfaces from my collection. The 3 and 9 were rubons.

The tag moves freely behind the glass hanging on a brad that has a notch in it.


  1. Hi Holly
    Ifeel sorry that you are having such trouble.
    Never mind, we shall find you. Thanks for popping in and I love your blog and giveway is fantastic. Count me in for this also.
    Love, Suzy

  2. hi holly,

    i believe i have something of yours on my blog :)


    :) mary ann

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