Sunday, January 31, 2010

One World One Heart Comments

I received an email letting me know that their comment did not show up. My comments for my giveaway post are still showing at 0, and I have no idea why. I really hope that this isn't going to keep happening.
If your comment does not show up on my giveaway post, if you want you can try to make a comment on any of my other posts (just let me know you are in for the giveaway) and I will count all comments from any of my posts until the end of the giveaway.
I am so sorry for the inconvenience.
Thanks Holly


  1. Please add me to your giveaway. Love your books. Thanks for stopping by #690
    Our current temperature is in the 70's, because it's cooled down for the night. Your snow is beautiful.

  2. What wonderful books! Please add me to the giveaway.

  3. hey there
    i represent the world united bloggers
    and i found in your blog the joy of love and the hope of peace
    we are more than 270 bloggers represent more than 80 countries
    blogging for peace and love
    and i chose you to join us ..
    send us a mail with your name , country , blog url to with title ( join WUB )
    so that we can add you and send the invitation to you

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  4. Holly - thank you for visiting me and leaving nice little words about my knitting. You are so very sweet. I have enered your give away. Wish I could enter more than once - it is so very special!


  5. Thanks for commenting my OWOH! Your books are so beautiful - I would love to win one!!
    Hugs, Caro

  6. Oh, I´d love to win the travel-book. I´m taking my annual "summer-holiday" in March, and need a little book for the trip!
    About the comments. I just learned from my web-guy, that some comments are regarded as spam, and end up in the "spam" category instead of the "pending" category. Check your adm, on comments. Maybe that´s were they went?
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind compliment! Have a nice day, and good luck with the comments.

  7. Just in case you're still having trouble with the comments post, I will say again here that your books are lovely and I would like to included in the drawing. I have already commented below :)

  8. Not sure exactly where to comment for the OWOH, so I'll comment here...
    Such great prizes! The books look so cool. Please toss my name in your hat. Thanks for stopping by the other day. Lovely to meet you on this Magic Carpet ride!

  9. This is me putting my name in the hat for the drawing for the wonderful books. Thanks

    Rhonda 884

  10. oh my,
    your blog is rather dashing!
    I enjoy it uh-lot!
    have fun you!
    and happy blogging! x x